OU Hold Opener

Do you duck hunt with an over/under shotgun?

While carrying your Over/Under Shotgun using a sling, as well as transporting your shotgun prior to hunting, the Stack Barrel Buddy keeps your shotgun in a readily visible action-open condition, while not allowing it to “flop” between being fully open and fully closed.

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ou holdopen

It fits into the upper barrel, and is secured around the action with a Velcro strap.

High strength plastic (Copolymer) construction will not mar the metal finish of your shotgun*. It comes in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 gauges.

Gauge Price
12 Gauge $19.95 Buy $19.95
20 Gauge $19.95 Buy $19.95
.410 Bore $19.95 Buy $19.95
16 Gauge $24.95 Buy $24.95
28 Gauge $24.95 Buy $24.95

Need a Replacement Strap?

The standard straps are approximately 18" long, but in some cases the user might want to cut their strap to a shorter length for use on smaller-frame shotguns. Price: $9.95 FREE SHIPPING"

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ou holdopen replacement strap

Blaze Orange Replacement Strap

The standard strap is black. This is for use in duck hunting situations, where a subdued color is desired to go along with camouflage clothing and accessories. However, in some cases Blaze Orange might be wanted, so that it can easily be seen that the Stack Barrel Buddy is installed and the shotgun is in an action-open safe condition.

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Blaze Orange Replacement Strap
semi-auto shotgun

With a semi-auto shotgun the bolt can be drawn back, putting it into a readily-visible action-open safe condition. Over/Under Shotguns are frequently carried in waterfowling situations with the action closed. This makes it not readily visible as to whether the shotgun is loaded or unloaded.

The Stack Barrel Buddy allows an Over/Under Shotgun to be carried in a Readily Visible Action-Open Safe Condition.

Here, the Velcro strap is wrapped around the receiver, which helps to keep mud and debris out of the action.

Waterfowl Hunting with an Over and Under Double Barrel Shotgun

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